Reweaving the Social Fabric... Lessons from Loving Traumatized Children.
Feb 09, 2021 7:15 AM
Pippa Jarvis, TLC Children’s Home, South Africa
Reweaving the Social Fabric... Lessons from Loving Traumatized Children.

Pippa Jarvis is Managing Director of TLC Children’s Home, based in Southern Johannesburg.

For 27 years she has worked in every area of the organisation, coming to a deep understanding of the operations before taking on the leadership role in 2015.

After completing a bachelor’s degree in education, Pippa devoted her life to the mission of the organisation, advocating enthusiastically for the rapid, responsible placement of over 900 children into permanent, loving families.

In 2010 Pippa was voted as one of the Top 200 Young South Africans to take to lunch by The Mail and Guardian. She has participated in the Common Purpose Navigator program for Leadership development and completed a Certificate in Social Entrepreneurship at the Gordon Institute of Business Studies.

Over the years, Pippa has developed a passion for learning, networking and supporting collaboration in the NGO space. Participating in many Forums, online courses and always seeking opportunities to grow and learn more.

Committed to ensuring no child fell through the cracks of the broken placement system, Pippa is now the mother to 14 adopted children, 9 boys and 5 girls (aged 5 to 21).  She is dedicated to investing in the fundamental yearning each of us has, to truly belong.

Her current personal development is focussed on learning as much as she can about Trauma Informed Parenting and Conscious Discipline as methodologies that could be put into impactful practice in the residential care of babies and children. She hopes to help develop a support platform for mothers at risk of losing their babies to the System, and thereby stem the flow of babies coming into long term residential care settings.

She is an accomplished speaker with a wide repertoire of experience to draw on. From parenting, to special needs, to life in an adoptive family, and running an NGO in the South African context, Pippa is able to share fascinating insights into a multitude of issues facing humanity today.