Updates on MacKenzie Environmental Center
Feb 18, 2020
John Frank
Updates on MacKenzie Environmental Center

The Friends of MacKenzie Environmental Center Articles of Incorporation were filed in December, 1978, and I have been a member ever since.  I joined the Friends because it was easy to share the enthusiasm and vision of some of the early members who foresaw the need for educating grade school students on conservation and environmental matters outside the classroom.  With an increasing percentage of our population living farther away from fields and forest, fewer family members are able to serve as outdoor mentors for our children.  The MacKenzie Center continues to fill that mentor gap by connecting our young people with their natural heritage.

I was first involved with the Friends’ Board in the 1980’s when I served with some other very dedicated people on the Board.  More recently, since retirement, I have been a volunteer for work days at the Center and at Maple Fest.  The best thing about being part of the Friends organization is the dedication and spirit of the volunteers and members which continues to amaze and uplift me.

Provided by Jane LaMere