Cost Requirements
You are a member of Sun Prairie Rotary, not Rotary International.  The Club is the member of Rotary International with which you are affiliated.  Regular dues are billed in advance quarterly and are currently $35.00.
Meals are also billed in advance, currently at $7.00 per meeting.  The number of Tuesday mornings less holidays determines the amount of the bill. It is usually 12 or 13 meals per quarter.  Special events are collected at the event.  There are no refunds for missed meetings.
Weekly Meetings
 Each Rotarian is responsible for providing a program and getting a speaker on a rotation basis, about once per year.  The newsletter chairman can help you locate a program, but you are responsible for arranging a speaker.  When you have the program, you must provide a raffle item.  Proceeds from the  raffle  fund the many foundation projects that we do.
At each meeting of Rotary, the Sergeant-At-Arms fines Rotarians for not wearing a badge or Rotary lapel pin, being late, leaving early or other reasons as deemed appropriate. This money is also used to fund the Foundation.
Attendance Requirements
Weekly meetings are held from 7:15Am to 8:15AM each Tuesday at The Colonial Club on Chase Boulevard.  Rotary International and the Sun Prairie Rotary Club encourage members to attend the regular meetings.  If you are unable to attend, you are encouraged to ” make up” by attending a Rotary Club meeting in another city or doing E-Club on line.  It is a great way to meet new and interesting people all over the world.  The secretary  and has  a directory listing of every club in the world, with its meeting place, time, and day.  Active membership insures a quality club.