The Colonial Club will remain closed through May 26th.  That means our club will continue meeting remotely via ZOOM until this time and possibly longer.
Our meetings are scheduled on Tuesdays at 8:00 am via ZOOM.
We have decided to postpone the "Service Above Self" Awards Ceremony until June 30th.  This will also extend the timeline for nominations and voting.  We are accepting nominations until June 2nd.  CLICK HERE to enter a nomination.
Last week, our club donated $2,000 to The Colonial Club to help support their home delivered meals program.
The Sun Prairie Foundation will be making other donations to Sunshine Place and The Boys & Girls Club of Sun Prairie.  Our club also applied for a District Grant for up to $1,000 for The Sunshine Place Food Pantry.  
As president, I get $1,000 to spend on projects of my choice.  $500 will go to The Boys & Girls Club of Sun Prairie and $500 will go to Rotary Club Valle de Santiago in Venezuela to support a project they do to feed hungry children in the community.  CLICK HERE for a short video on this project.
At today's meeting we watched a video about Polio and realized there are many similarities between the Polio Outbreak in the 1950's and what we are facing with COVID-19.  CLICK HERE to watch the video (10 minutes).
Dina Pocernich has ended her membership with Rotary because she moved to Baraboo last month.  Attending our morning meetings is no longer an option for her.  We will miss her dearly!
Exciting News!  We have 2 new members! 
Jen Tooley
Branch Executive of Sun Prairie YMCA
Lynne Goldsmith
Retired Personal Financial Advisor
Please help me welcome these two new members!  Lynne has attended our last two Zoom meetings.  We will be doing a Rotary induction with them soon.
Take care, stay healthy, and I will see you next week via Zoom!
Toni Pabon
President 2019-20