Review of her new Children's Books
Jun 22, 2021 7:15 AM
Mary Kauffman, Sun Prairie Author
Review of her new Children's Books

Mary Kauffman was born into a military family in Sacramento, California in 1973. As an Air Force Brat, life took her all over the world to 13 countries, 14 schools and 22 states before even graduating high school. Mary has earned a BA in Psychology, an MS in Leadership, an MA in Human Services Counseling with a focus in Life Coaching, and has worked professionally in Communications, Retail Management, Human Resources and state government. Immersed constantly in new cultures and environments both in her youth and as an adult, Mary has been able to identify some things that are universal in the human experience and capture the feeling from a child’s perspective.

Mary lives with her family in WI and spends time working, raising a family, writing, exercising and finding humor in even the smallest moments. She is still pursuing higher education and studying the behaviors of the people, and the details of the scenes that surround her every day.

Provided by Deborah Krebs