Novel:  Beneath the Flames
Sep 17, 2019
Greg Renz, Hall of Fame Firefighter & Author
Novel: Beneath the Flames

First rule of firefighting is to never enter a burning building alone. Sometimes rules must be broken, much like writing.

Fire Captain Gregory Lee Renz was involved in a dramatic rescue of two little boys from their burning basement bedroom. He received a series of awards for this rescue including induction into the Wisconsin Fire and Police Hall of Fame in 2006. When he was asked to share the dramatic rescue at several awards banquets, he was moved by the emotional responses he received and was struck by the power of his storytelling. Gregory has always been an avid reader and thought maybe he could craft a compelling novel if he could learn how to get these stories on the page. How hard could that be? He would soon learn.

In 2008 Captain Renz retired, exchanging his turnout gear for a writing desk to pursue his passion, storytellingAfter numerous creative writing courses through the University of Wisconsin and countless workshops, conferences, and revisions, he finally typed The End to BENEATH THE FLAMES which was inspired by two adorable little girls, around eight and five years of age, who lived across from an inner-city firehouse he was stationed at for three years. Those two girls stayed in his thoughts over the years, demanding he tell their story. They are two of the main characters in the novel. He hopes he did them justice.

After serving the citizens of Milwaukee for twenty-eight years as a firefighter, Gregory Lee Renz retired to Lake Mills, Wisconsin with his wife, Paula.

Provided by Jeanne Behrend