UW-Madison Campus Bombing, 50 years ago
Aug 11, 2020 7:15 AM
Dan Woll, Author
UW-Madison Campus Bombing, 50 years ago

Dan Woll, a former School Administrator and author of Death on Cache Lake. ..a literary thriller that includes the famous bombing on the UW-Madison campus in 1970.  He is relaunching his book this summer to tie in with the 50th anniversary of this historic time.


August 2020 marks the tragic 50th anniversary of the Sterling Hall bombing on the University of Wisconsin-Madison campus. The book Death on Cache Lake re-imagines that fateful night. 

Today, the campus bomber Leo Burt is still a fugitive and wanted by the FBI. The book gives readers a fictionalized idea of what happened to him. 

Anyone who has ever paddled a canoe on a wild river, climbed a mountain, cycled lonely country roads or sat by a roaring campfire while a loon cries on a moonlit lake will find much to love in this book.

Set in the tumultuous days of 1970 as the University of Wisconsin campus imploded after a deadly campus bombing, the book takes the reader on a dark odyssey through the lake wilds of Ontario, and the woods and small towns of Wisconsin. A fishing trip in Quetico Provincial Park turns tragic when two friends cross paths with a former acquaintance who is running for his life.

This spellbinding tale of political intrigue and conspiracy will also captivate history buffs who share the authors’ fascination with American crimes that seem solvable but remain mysteries. Caleb and John’s adrenaline-filled flight through Ontario to unravel the conspiracy and save their lives takes them on trains, hitch-hiked rides on trucks, cross-country skis, and canoes, all at a breakneck pace.