Anti-Bullying Collaborative of Sun Prairie
Dec 21, 2021 7:15 AM
Teran Peterson & Ginger Murray
Anti-Bullying Collaborative of Sun Prairie

My name is Ginger Murray. My husband Jason (teacher at Lake Mills High School) and I moved to Sun Prairie in 2004, where we raised our family. During my childhood, I moved a lot. I can remember living in 14 different homes (rentals, extended stay hotels, single and then double-wide trailers, and homes) before graduating high school. I can remember attending at least 7 different schools.

I remember what it was like to try to fit in: how great it felt to be welcomed and what it felt like when that didn’t happen. I remember what it was like to desperately want to fit in with my new basketball team (having to move to a huge city when I was an in-coming junior) and everyone on the team hating me because I was a threat to their friend’s position on the team. I remember those “teammates” making life at school pretty tough for what seemed like every day for an eternity.

Since then I became a lawyer, which allowed me to serve as a guardian ad litem, city attorney, family court commissioner, and now owner of Your Family Law Center. I was honored to be asked to join what has become the Anti-Bullying Collaborative of Sun Prairie. It is my hope to draw from my personal experiences in life, and at work (as a public defender, and then later as a prosecutor, as the advocate for many children, and now for the parents) to help guide our group as we strive to make Sun Prairie a welcoming community for everyone, where bullying is not tolerated.

Provided by Rose Freidel