How to write a memoir
Mar 09, 2021 7:15 AM
Vivian Probst, author
How to write a memoir


Vivian Probst is an author and will be talking to us about HOW do you write a memoir, how to start, tips for making it fun, interesting, and how to get friends and family involved. Discussing what you learn about yourself (patience or not) when you undertake such a task? and a bit about writing in WEnglish, her gender neutral language.

The Woman Who Forgot Who She Was is based on a fictional Wisconsin bank president ...but it mirrors Vivian's own life.

Written in WEnglish,a new 'language' Vivian has developed over 10 years be gender-neutral ..with its own separate Glossary.

Vivian has also written a mystery that is based on her own life, called The Woman Who Forgot Who She Was.

That book is coming out in English but she's also written a second book, the same story but in a new language--WEnglish that is a gender-neutral way of writing and reading. As a linguist she spent 10 years working on this project --WEnglish is a trademark now of this new way of writing and reading English.

Below is a link to a recent story in the Deforest Times about her and her recent library event. .."Discovering Who You Are"

Provided by Daniel Darrow